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Tawny Port

Tawny Port

Our Tawny is only available at the tasting room in Murphys to wine club members only.
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$120.00 per Bottle

Heaven in a glass. Aged over 25 years in oak barrels gaining richness, depth and complexity. Produced from Portuguese varieties (Touriga Nacional, Tinta Cao, Tinta Ruiz and Souzao) evapo-transpiration and slow oxidation are the forces that create the nutty, toffee and caramel flavors and concentrated mouth-feel. Limited production. Simply the best port around. Bottled in a gorgeous translucent 750 ml decanter imported from France (hand waxed) and will last for many months after opening.

Wine Profile

Wine Style Dessert Wine / Port
Alcohol % 18
Size 750 ml